Not a bad week for Sarah - set a new deadlift 1 rep max and now won a free weeks pass 💪🏻😜

Posted by The Unit Health and Fitness on Thursday, 31 August 2017

Bank Holidays at The Unit - Kettlebells and Small Group Conditioning smashed 💪🏻Tomorrow's sessions back on as normal -Small Group Conditioning 6.45-7.45am (waiting list)Kettlebells 9.30-10.15amBodyAttack 6-6.45pmStrength and Accessories 7-8pm

Posted by The Unit Health and Fitness on Monday, 28 August 2017

Video 2 in our mobility series is on lower back pain. Everyone at some point in their life will suffer from lower back pain. If you are suffering with it try including the following exercises in to your routine 👍🏻1. Tennis ball smashing -If you can pin point the area where the pain is take a tennis ball, or for more pressure a lacrosse ball, place it on the area and apply pressure using your body weight to smash the tightness. Once you've worked on one area move it to another and repeat.2. Cat stretch -In an all fours position arch your upper back as high as you can, hold for a few seconds and then send your spine in the opposite direction by curving your lower back and looking forward. Repeat 6-10 times 3. QL stretch -In a half kneeling position with your leg at a 45 degree angle, place your hands on your shoulders lean forward and then away. Stay there and take up to 10 breaths. Repeat on other side. 4. Strength training -Including compound exercises such as deadlifts in to your training with correct form will help with back pain. This helps build lean muscle which takes the strain off the joints as well as improving posture. We have a strength class on the timetable where we cover technique in detail as well as our new Unit programme which we are taking bookings for now and Personal Training.

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Big shout out to our client Claire finishing her block of Personal training sessions today 👏🏻 In Claire's last block she had a lot going on in her private life - she got married, had 2 hen dos, celebrated her 30th birthday and helped her friends celebrate theirs. She wasn't happy with the few pounds she put on and the few extra centremetres around her middle. In the 4 weeks she has trained since then she has lost half a pound a week due to a maintainable calorie deficit and has lost a fantastic 6cm from her waist. She is now feeling much more confident about going on her honeymoon next week 👍🏻What better way to finish Claire's block of training than a 1 rep max on her deadlift. When Claire first started training with Ross she had never deadlifted before. Here she is comfortably lifting her bodyweight! Amazing! If you are interested in seeing similar results and would like to book a block of Personal training sessions get in touch today.

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The programme in strength and accessories this week called for 3x3 at 90% of 1 rep max. Here is Sarah smashing her last set 👏🏻💪🏻Still to come at The Unit today -BodyCombat 6-7pmSmall Group Conditioning 7.15-8.15pm (waiting list)

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Some Father/ Daughter strongman training in tonight's small group session - well done Dave and Tara 💪🏻Tomorrows sessions -Small Group Conditioning 6.45-7.45am (fully booked)NO 6pm BodyAttack7-7.45pm Kettlebells (spaces available)

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Posted by The Unit Health and Fitness on Monday, 17 April 2017

A lot going on at The Unit tonight!BodyCombat - our Les Mills fully licensed mixed martial arts inspired workout 👊🏻Small Group Conditioning - bridging the gap between Personal Training and group exercise 👌🏻Personal training clients working through their individual programmes 🙌🏻Members making use of our kit in the open gym 💪🏻Everybody working out in a relaxed and welcoming environment - just how it should be! Tomorrow's sessions -Small Group Conditioning 6.45-7.45am (waiting list)Mams that lift 9.30-10.30amBodyAttack 6.00-6.45pmKettlebells 7.00-7.45pm (spaces available)

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Not only did the Strength and Conditioning squad smash a functional circuit tonight but also learned a new skill with some Olympic lifting technique drills - great work everyone 👏🏻Tomorrow's sessions -9.30-10.30am Strength and Conditioning11-12pm Older Adult Circuit5.30-6pm Metafit6-7pm Body Combat7-7.30pm Iron Core Come along and join #teamunit 💪🏻

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