First class completed at The Unit - absolutely loved it! Super intense but still fun with loads of support from Ross and Georgia! (Which I definitely needed as I was super nervous) but glad I took the first step and pushed myself! Already booked in for TRX/Kettlebells and excited to start and feel happier and healthier! Highly recommend!!

Faye Patrick

Have known Ross and Georgia for many years now and we have always been impressed by their professionalism, knowledge, patience, and their methodical and caring style when dealing with clients. The duo give nothing but their absolute best to everyone, especially those new to the fitness world. On! On! A big thank you to you both x

George Robertson

Great local gym ran by two absolutely fabulous instructors, their encouragement through their previous roles have made exercise fun, hard work but not something I know longer avoid, I tried trx and kettle bells for the first time last night and I'll admit I was terrified I didn't think my body could do it.

I have a back injury and this has made me fearful I will hurt myself more if I try something new or different, I trust these guys 100% and if like me you are nervous or simply want to give something new a try they will support you all the way through it. The atmosphere is brilliant and puts you at ease as you know Georgia and Ross are teaching from the heart. One of Georgia phrases has stuck with me and that's you'll never known if you can do it if don't try.

So come on give it a try!

Suzanne Reed

I have now attended a wide range of classes at The Unit and have loved them all! Ross and Georgia are very knowledgeable and really friendly. It is a brilliant 'team' atmosphere where everyone is welcome! I highly recommend it.

Angela Davies

Absolutely love The Unit, Completed 3 blocks of PT with Ross and loved every minute. The Unit has taught me so much in terms of achieving fitness goals and making these specific to myself. I have learnt to enjoy food and eat carbs everyday!!! I now have a balanced lifestyle and I am the strongest I've ever been, (thanks Ross).
I will continue to be a regular face at The Unit and I am excited to attend the amazing classes they have on offer.

Sarah Alice

Would highly recommend the "Mams That Lift" Class, Fantastic set up really enjoyed it. From my experience Georgia and Ross overall want the best for all that attend no matter what your fitness & Health story is, a very positive atmosphere so give them a shout!

Megan Dent

Highly recommend this place whatever your goals may be. Ross and Georgia are on hand to help you with this. Great classes and one to one sessions available and probably the cheapest around. Already noticing a difference and on my way to achieving my own goals. Thanks for everything so far.

Al Stanfield